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Minor/Acute Care

Short-term treatment for a severe injury or illness, an non-urgent medical condition or non-life threatening medical issue. Such as cough, cold, flu, headache, abdominal pain, anxiety, diarrhea, vomiting, wart, rash, migraine headache, STD Testing, Dementia Screening, Depression Screening, initial/temporary pain management. 

Diabetes Management

Treatment to prevent diabetes from occurring or treat complications from diabetes disease itself and from its treatment. Providing proper diabetes education to ensure that the patient is comfortable with checking blood sugar levels and understands the importance of medication management and continuation of care. 

Yearly Wellness Exams

Exams for the Men, Women and Children that serve to prevent more serious or complex health problems from occurring. This includes exams like annual physicals, risk counseling and other screening tests. Please contact our office to schedule your yearly check-up.

Men's Health/Wellness

Specializing in providing male patients with testing of testosterone levels referring patients to proper specialist specialize in testosterone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction treatments as well as a proprietary weight loss and energy boost program.

Chronic Illnesses

Ongoing treatment of chronic illnesses either controlled or managed through lifestyle and certain medications and referrals to pain management specialist, behavior health specialist, cardiovascular specialist, physical therapy, neurologist and more. Our Provider Coordinate ongoing quality care with Specialist to ensure the health of the whole patient.  Our Providers monitors the patient’s progress every 3 months, making necessary adjustments.

Sinus Shots/B-12 Shots

Sinusitis is common among patients regardless the time of year. Sinus Cocktails aims to decrease the swelling of sinuses, relieving pressure and pain that accompanies sinusitis. The B-12 shot (Vitamin B-12) is used to treat low levels deficiency of this vitamin.


We offer  Lipo B-12 Shots, TB Skin Test, Antibiotic Injections, Toradol Injections, and other immunizations. Blood Work and Lab Screenings including, diabetes check, STD Testing, pregnancy test, strep test, urine drug screening, Covid-19 Testing, Employment Screenings and more.

Weight Loss Management

Weight loss programs focusing on overall nutrition, medications, psychological evaluation and exercise programs. The patient is evaluated and consulted on which weight loss regimen best fits their life style and overall health. We offer Lipo B-12 Injections and Oral Weight Loss Medications conveniently in house. 

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